upvc windows newton abbot

Your windows can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your home (and how attractive it is to potential buyers). They are, therefore, definitely investment purchases. The best investments are the ones that deliver maximum value for money. This is exactly why UPVC windows in Newton Abbot are often the perfect choice.

UPVC windows offer a style to suit every home

It doesn’t matter if your house is beautifully traditional or super modern, you can find UPVC windows to suit it. If you are in an older property in Newton Abbot then UPVC windows could be the perfect way to keep that period look without the hassle of a lot of maintenance. If you’re in a modern property, then you’ll be spoiled for choice.

UPVC windows keep your heating bills down

You probably already know that having double glazing can reduce your energy bills. You might also be aware of triple glazing and energy-efficient glass. What you might not know is that your window frames also play a part in keeping your heating bills down.

Your window frames must fit tightly, otherwise, drafts will get through. UPVC windows in Newton Abbot are a great choice for this. Firstly there are UPVC windows to fit just about any space. Secondly, UPVC windows in Newton Abbot can withstand extremes in temperature from the hottest of summers to the coldest of winters.

They’re non-conductive so they don’t expand and contract like some other materials (e.g. timber or aluminium). This not only means that they last longer, but also means that the glass is always secure in the frame. It also helps to keep the temperature of the window consistent.

UPVC windows are super-easy to maintain

With UPVC windows in Newton Abbot, painting and sealing are somebody else’s problem. They’re practically zero-maintenance. You just need to give them the occasional clean with soapy water. This will get off the inevitable marks. You don’t have to worry about stubborn stains. You also don’t have to worry about splinters or burning your hands.

UPVC windows are great for sound protection

These days, for many homeowners in Newton Abbot, keeping out sound will probably be at least as important as keeping in heat. If you’re working from home, studying or just sleeping, you need to be able to do so in peace. Likewise, if you’re the one making the noise, you want to keep your neighbours happy.

UPVC windows in Newton Abbot are a great choice for soundproofing. Basically, the reasons why they’re so good at keeping heat in are also the reasons why they’re so good at keeping sound out.

UPVC windows are a secure option

With UPVC windows, you can put locks in multiple places. This offers the maximum level of protection against people trying to gain unauthorized access to your home.

UPVC windows are kind on your pocket

With UPVC windows, not only do you save money on the upfront cost (as compared to the alternatives) but you can also expect many years of service from them. That’s without maintenance.